Heavy Duty Seat Cover suitable for 4x4, Jeep, Toyota Land Cruiser, Range Rover and more

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Brand: Town & Country Seat Covers
Product Code: Heavy Duty Seat Cover 4x4


Specifically designed Heavy Duty Seat Cover to a wide range of 4x4's including Jeep, Toyota Land Cruiser, Range Rover, Pajero and more. This seat cover has the same hard wearing qualities found in the rest of the Town & Country range of seat covers.

The material used in the manufacturing process of these covers is a high tenacity polyester with a polyurethane backing which is unique to their product range. The material is waterproof but has a weave designed which allows air to circulate more freely between the seat cover and occupant which leads to reduced sweating and a noticeably cooler feel when exposed to the sun. This is a highly durable, well made seat cover and is supplied in three parts.

Town & Country seat covers are tough, waterproof and highly durable. 

If unsure of fitment feel free to call or email sales@seatsystesm.ie