John Deere Tractor Air Seat 12 Volt Compressor

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Product Code: 12 Volt Air Compressor

John Deere Tractor Air Seat 12 Volt Compressor. We stock seat component for all John Deere Tractors and 

12 Volt replacement air compressor avaialable for all air suspension seats.

Over a period of time and alot of use, it is not uncommon for compressors to fail, so this is the ideal replacement.

Very simple to change by using cable ties to hold in place and then connect the electrical power connections.

Additional part numbers for reference:

Grammer Maximo (all versions)
Grammer LS95 (all versions)
Grammer Chicago
Grammer MSG 93 (all versions)
Grammer Compacto (all versions)
Grammer MSG95 (all versions)
Grammer MSG97 (all versions)
Grammer Actimo (all versions)
Grammer Primo (all versions)
Grammer MSG75 (all versions)
Grammer MSG 90.3 C (all versions)

Part numbers 130670 130678 130679 1096562 1220254.

We also supply 24 Volt compressors.

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